Edgemold Tables

Edgemold Tables

With durable anti-microbial table edges that resist impact, puncture and stains, Edgemold tables will withstand significant abuse. Seamless fused urethane edges and durable construction guarantee years of everyday use in your facility. Edgemold can build tables to your specifications and can ship them directly to your site ready for installation.

Edgemold products are used today in a wide variety of applications, including: 

  • Hospitality – Hotel lobbies, coffee shops, restaurants and convention dining rooms 
  • Restaurants
  • Medical – Overbed tables, Armrests 
  • Education – Cafeteria tables 
  • Corporate Offices – Training tables.
  • Cafeterias and food courts – Tables, Seats

Bring us your design and performance goals for hospital furniture applications and we can help make them happen.

For more specific information about our tables and more photos of our products, please visit edgemold.com.


Restaurants, hotels and hospitals often place chairs upside down on tables at night to allow for floor cleaning and storage. Edgemold tables are built for this type of use, while traditional PVC or wood edge tables will dent, chip or scratch.

Limitless Options

With 11 edge profiles in 46 standard colors and hundreds of laminate options from all of the top manufacturers, the sky is the limit for designers and architects. Edgemold tables can work with any design aesthetic.

Custom Graphics

Our large format high resolution color printer allows us to print your custom graphics and insert them beneath a protective transparent layer, making the design possibilities limitless.

Click to download Fiberesin Custom Graphics Guidelines

Edgeguard T-Mold Soft Edging

Need an easily applied T-Mold edge or surface protector (chair rail) for your application? Edgemold produces a product called Edgeguard which is available in 46 colors and 4 sizes.

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Brett Favre before things went sidewaysUniversity logo on an Edgemold tableEdgemold tables are designed for beauty and durabilityHigh resolution custom graphics are availableEdgemold supplies urethane edge work surfaces to trading floors and call centersEdgemold specializes in supplying custom graphics table tops to leading restaurant chains

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