Welcome to Fiberesin

Fiberesin is a leading value-add manufacturer of custom engineered materials, components and finished goods serving the commercial furniture, medical, education, building materials, and recreation markets, among others.

Fiberesin-manufactured materials are found in products as diverse as office and school furniture, ergonomic desk accessories, cabinets, medical carts and furniture, x-ray tables, windows and doors.  As a tier one OEM supplier to these industries, Fiberesin also manufactures everything from components to finished assemblies.

In addition, Fiberesin developed and sells its own product lines: Stonewood panels (solid phenolic), Fiberesin HPP panels, Edgemold tables (urethane edged tables) and Fiberesin sports court panel systems (squash, racquetball and indoor soccer).

The company utilizes proprietary technology to thermally fuse laminates (resin-infused paper or wood veneers) to wood core materials or other substrates, creating engineered materials of exceptional performance, strength, appearance and consistency. Fiberesin’s laminate products are of greater quality than alternative products and are less costly, providing customers a tremendous value. 

Fiberesin is the panel and component, engineering and manufacturing partner you are seeking. 

BizTimes.Com (Milwaukee Business News) reports on Fiberesin FSC® (FSC-C115183) certification.