Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Many companies have partnered with Fiberesin to make great products.

Healthcare and Laboratory
Medical system manufacturers and construction firms specializing in healthcare facilities have partnered with us to make a variety of products. (more info.)

Office Furniture
Fiberesin supplies surfaces and other components to most of the largest US office furniture manufacturers. (more info.)

Kitchen and Food Service
We partner restaurant and food court furniture manufacturers as well as kitchen product companies. (more info.)

Window and Door Manufacturers 
• Vapor Barrier laminates for door stiles and rails
• Fiberesin Fusion laminates for windows

Correctional Facility Manufacturing Operations
• Fiberesin HPP panels
• Stonewood panels
• Work Surfaces
• Desks, Bridges, Credenzas
• Vertical and Horizontal Cubical 
    Surfaces and Walls
• Seats

Government Contractors
• Work Surfaces
• Desks, Bridges, Credenzas
• Vertical and Horizontal Cubical
     Surfaces and Walls
Stonewood Architectural Panels
• Exterior Cladding / Rain Shield
• Exterior Panels
• Interior Wall Panels
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 This building is cladded with Stonewood
This building is cladded with Stonewood panels.
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